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Masai Mara Safari Package for Residents

Masai Mara Safari Package for Residents After recognizing that the majority of safari packages available online are geared towards non-resident foreigners interested in visiting Masai Mara, we decided to create an affordable package exclusively for Kenyan residents. As locals living in Nairobi and operating a camp in the Mara, we have crafted a competitive offering tailored specifically for our fellow Kenyan residents. We believe that Masai Mara is a destination most Kenyans would like to explore at least once in their lifetime. Being one of the greatest natural wonders known, we aim to make this experience as easy and affordable …

masai mara safari for Kenyan residents

Come for Great Migration in 2024 – Exciting River Crossing Chaos Awaits

Every year over 2 million herbivores trek from Southern Serengeti walking some 100 to 200 miles (160 -to 321 kilometers) to Mara River Crossing into the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. This upward journey is part of an 800km-loop! This phenomenon is called the Great Wildebeest Migration and UNESCO recognized it in 2016 as the 7th wonder of the world. Picture this: millions of animals instinctively follow the rhythm of the weather, knowing that the grass is indeed greener on the Kenya side of the vast Mara ecosystem. Like clockwork, year after year, they navigate their way to this …

Image showing thousands of wilderbeest herds preparing for the Great migration - blog banner image

Masai Mara Camping Safari

Considering a camping safari in Masai Mara? If you are on a budget and want to explore Masai Mara’s abundant wildlife, then Kambu Campers offers an unbeatable camping safari at a great price. Their camping safari packages include three nights of luxury tent camping in the heart of the Masai Mara with all meals included. During your stay, you will enjoy personalized game drives and nature walks to explore some of the most stunning scenery and incredible wildlife that Africa has to offer. Camping in Mara has been used to loosely translate to both luxury glamping accommodations and cheap non-permanent …

Masai Mara Camping Safari