Hotels, Lodges and Camps Near Sekenani Gate to Pick

Looking for accommodation, perhaps a hotel of any type (cheap, budget, or luxury) or even a tented camp in Sekenani or near Sekenani Gate? I have put together this article to assist with a list of all possible accommodation options that you can pick from. Having spent a good amount of time in Sekenani while building our Kambu Mara Camp, I am going to give you an insider’s view on some of the best options out there. Read more about Mara Gates here.

What accommodation options are there in Sekenani or near Sekenani?

There are various accommodation options in Sekenani or near Sekenani Gate that cater to different budgets and preferences. Whether you prefer the comfort of a hotel, the adventure of camping, or the luxury of a tented camp, there is something for everyone.

What accommodation Options are there at Sekenani Town?

Please note that Sekenani town itself is a quaint and cozy place, home to fewer than 3,000 residents. The available accommodations consist of small motels that offer affordable rates, starting as low as Kes. 500 ($3.4) per person per night and have shared showers and toilets. However, it’s important to mention that these options may not meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. For a more comfortable stay, there are some motels with better facilities, including hot showers, that charge Kes. 1200 ($8.6), and most of them welcome walk-in bookings.

Based on my personal experience, these budget-friendly motel options primarily cater to locals, specifically Kenyans, as I have not observed any tourists or foreigners frequenting these establishments. This is likely the reason for the affordable rates, as they align with the standard motel prices in most towns across Kenya.

One major drawback of the accommodations in Sekenani town is that the sleeping rooms are adjacent to a bar area that plays music late into the night. This can be highly inconvenient for light sleepers, causing discomfort and disturbance throughout the night.

If you’ve invested thousands of dollars to travel to Kenya, I highly recommend reserving accommodation just outside Sekenani town. In the upcoming section, I have curated a list of exceptional locations for you to choose from. It’s important to note that most of these options are conveniently situated within a 5-mile radius of the main gate, allowing easy access to the breathtaking Masai Mara National Reserve.

Some local accommodations in Sekenani town include;

  • King’s Comfort Hotel
  • Rex Hotel

Camps Near Sekenani Gate:

Oldarpoi Camp:

Oldarpoi Mara camp is only 2.6 km from Sekenani Gate and takes about 4 mins to drive from the Camp to the Gate. It is the closest camp to Sekenani Gate. See directions here. They provide 3 types of accommodations that you can read more about on their website here. Their rates start at Kes. 29,000 but can check on here.

Semadep Sunset Acacia Camp at Maasai Mara:

Another camp near Sekenani Gate located just 2.7km or 5-mins drive from the Gate is the Semadep Sunset Acacia Camp. Their rates start at Kes. 8,000 per night and here are the directions from this camp to the gate. Check current rates on here.

Sekenani Camp:

Located just 800 meters from the Gate(according to Google Maps), Sekenani Camp is less than 5 mins drive and is located in a forested area within Siana Conservancy. Their daily rate starts at around Kes. 30,000 per person per night.

Check their profile on here.

The Drunken Elephant Mara

Another mid-range option for lodging near Sekenani Gate is The Drunken Elephant Mara. Located just 1 km from the Gate, this camp offers luxury tents at a daily rate of approximately Kes. 16,000 per person per night. They also have a restaurant and bar on-site for guests to enjoy.

Kambu Mara Camp:

Located just 8 km from the gate and a mere 14-minute drive, Kambu Mara Camp is our very own slice of paradise in the Mara. While some camps may be closer to the gate, we proudly offer the most affordable option for nature lovers and budget travelers alike. Situated along the borders of Naboisho and Nashulai Conservancies, our camp treats guests to breathtaking views from every angle. Join us and experience the perfect blend of convenience, affordability, and natural beauty.

Read more about Kambu Mara Camp here.

Lodges Near Sekenani Gate

Mara Sopa Lodge:

This luxury lodge is located just 13.1 Km from Sekenani Gate and offers a serene and comfortable stay surrounded by nature. With rates starting at Kes.20,000 ($172) per night, this is an ideal option for those looking for a luxurious safari experience. It takes about 30 mins to drive from Sekenani Gate to this Lodge using Google Maps directions. The road from Sekenani to this lodge is not paved and this explains why it takes long to get here. See this hotel’s pictures and reviews on here.

Hotels Near Sekenani Gate:


If you want a luxury experience near Sekenani Gate, Sarova Mara Camp is just a 2.4 Km or 6 min drive from the Gate. it is important to note that this Camp is located inside the National Reserve and you will be required to pay the park entrance fee. Their daily rates start from Kes. 60,000 per person per day. Check out their profile here.

Other accommodations near Sekenani

Where to Camp in Sekenani:

Most hotels, lodges and camps prefer that you spend a day or two in any of their tented camps instead of relying on your own camping gear. They make more money charging you this way than charging you campsite fees.

With the intention of offering an affordable camping experience near Sekenani Gate, we established the Kambu Mara camp. Our camp is designed to cater specifically to budget-conscious travelers seeking accommodation in close proximity to Sekenani Gate. Kambu Mara camp is a budget-friendly tented camp that provides simple yet comfortable lodging options with shared bathroom and toilet facilities.

Our campsite has the following amenities;

  • Shared bathrooms/hot showers
  • Shared toilets
  • Free WiFi
  • Fire pits
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge area
  • Gift shop (coming soon)
  • Plenty of seating areas with shades
  • Best view of the neighboring conservancies.

Luxury Hotels Near Sekenani Gate

If you want ultra-luxury in exclusive hotels near Sekenani Gate, there are two great options;

Olare Mara Kempinski:

Experience ultimate luxury in the heart of Masai Mara. This 5-star hotel offers luxury tents, suites and villas with stunning views of the savannah. Indulge in fine dining at one of their restaurants or pamper yourself at the spa after a long day of game drives.

Olare Kempinski is not close to Sekenani Gate as such as Google Map shows that it is 42km, and can take at least an hour to get to it from the gate. You may actually get it easier using the Talek Gate. Daily rate starts at Kes. 150,000 but can check on here.

Spirit of the Mara:

Another 5-star luxury hotel near Sekenani is the Spirit of the Mara which is located in Siana Conservancy, the conservancy closest to Sekenani Gate. It is only a 10-minute drive from the gate making it a convenient choice for travelers. Offering spacious canvas tents with en-suite bathrooms, this hotel provides a truly authentic safari experience. Enjoy game drives or bush walks in the conservancy, and take in the stunning views of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Read more here.

Best Hotels Near Sekenani Gate:

The best hotels near Sekenani Gate cater to all budgets and offer a variety of accommodation options. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly stay or a luxurious experience, there is something for everyone.

JW Marriot Masai Mara Lodge:

Located just 4.4 miles from Sekenani Gate, the JW Marriot Masai Mara Lodge offers a luxurious and comfortable stay in the heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape and wildlife, this lodge features spacious tents with modern amenities such as a private bathroom, hot tub, and balcony. Read more

So, which hotel to pick?

If you’re a budget traveler, there are several camps and lodges near Sekenani Gate that offer affordable yet comfortable accommodation options. These include, Kambu Mara Camp, the Ashnil Mara Camp, Mara Sopa Lodge, and Ol Moran Tented Camp. All of these options provide basic amenities such as en-suite bathrooms, hot showers, and comfortable beds. Plus, they offer the added bonus of being located near the main gate for easy access to the reserve.

For those looking for a more authentic safari experience, there are also several tented camps near Sekenani Gate that provide a unique and immersive stay. These include Spirit of the Masai Mara, Sentrim Mara Camp, and Basecamp Explorer. With spacious canvas tents, outdoor dining areas, and game drives included in the stay, you’ll truly feel like you’re living in the heart of the Maasai Mara. Read more

Which is the cheapest option near Sekenani Gate:

If you are looking for budget accommodation option that ranges from $50 to $100 per night, Kambu Mara camp is perhaps the only great option. The pricing for Kambu Camp includes breakfast and if you are camping, the rates are even lower – less than $30 for a dedicated campsite. You can also opt for a budget stay at Ol Moran Tented Camp which offers comfortable accommodations starting around $70 per night.