Best Nairobi & Kiambu Campsites

If you search on Google Search Console for campsites in Nairobi, you’ll get results with the first being the Museum of Kenya’s campsite on Kipande Road, about 1 mile from Nairobi’s CBD. This link has good images of the Museum campsite.

When searching for campsites, I prioritize security, comfort, and available amenities. However, the Museum of Kenya campsite, which is owned and run by the government of Kenya, doesn’t seem to offer excellent amenities. I believe you might have a similar preference. So when I set out to write this blog, I kept an eye out for great campsites in and around Nairobi that I can recommend to a friend. When I say Nairobi, I mean Nairobi County and its environs – also called the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

Best Campsites in Nairobi:

Kambu Campsite:

Kambu Campsite is a new campsite located off Limuru Road and is privately owned by Kambu Campers Limited. This campsite comes top on this list because the campground extends all the way to the river which is pretty cool. In the river and within the campground, the space has a great small island where campers can swim and picnic. The campsite is also well-equipped with other amenities like a swing, indoor games, running water, hot showers, outdoor games, wifi, restrooms, and an onsite kitchen with available items for purchase.

Here is the Google Maps location of the Nairobi Kambu Campsite.

To book this camp or to read more about the Kambu Nairobi camp, here is a webpage.

Karen Camp:

Another great camp located along Marula Lane in Karen is the Karen Camp. With over 250 reviews on Google, this campground has an average rating of 4.3/5 which is pretty good.You can check out their 200+ photos on Google here. This is their phone number +254 726 858311 and its exact location is here on Google Maps. You can read more about the Karen Camp on Tripadvisor here.

Lion Ridge Camp:

We previously wrote about Lion Ridge Camp as a campground within the Nairobi National Park. When I just searched this camp in mid-2023, some online articles indicate that it has closed but I found its website to be active. Here is the Google Maps directions to the campground. I recommend reaching out using this phone number; 0721523448 before planning your camping experience here. From Google review details, the campsite has 4 main tents with a lot of extra space that you can bring your own tent to pitch here.

While this campground is the close to the National Park, it is at least an hour away from the main KWS Gate of the National Park along Langata Road. See the directions from the Gate here. Check out this other article on camping at Nairobi National Park

Jungle Junction Campsite in Nairobi:

Another well-rated campground in Nairobi is the Jungle Junction on Kongoni Rd, Nairobi, Kenya. This campground has been rated by over 200 people with an average rating of 4.4/5 which is pretty decent. Here are Google photos of the campsite. They have a contact phone number; +254 722 752865. Here is the location on Google of this campground.

Nashal Lengot Camp

+254 703 543401


Upperhill Campsite & Backpackers

AddressOthaya Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone+254 20 2500218


Indaba Campsite

Address16 Muiri Lane, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone+254 20 892217