Masai Mara Family Safari Packages

What an incredible way to experience Masai Mara’s magic as a family unit. Laughter, joy, stories, and a shared enthusiasm for wildlife create memories that will last a lifetime. We have gone on two family safaris in the Mara, spending quality time at Governors Camp and we had so many insights when we set out to design our Kambu Campers package for our guests.

So, what’s special about family packages;

A family with toddlers or teenagers, or even a more mature family with children in their 20s or 30s can enjoy a Masai Mara family safari in different ways. We thought hard about how to accommodate the various groups – with varying kids’ ages and have made our Kambu Nairobi and Kambu Mara camps child-friendly. With careful consideration, we have selected activities and crafted a package that caters to even the youngest family members.

We have tons of engaging game activities from corn-hole, teether ball, basketball, and board games, to badminton and frisbee. We also have a wide range of books in the library for kids of every age group.

We make sure there is plenty of opportunity for parents to relax and bond as they watch their children enjoy themselves as they play outside while waiting for sundowners on our terrace or take a walk into the bush to explore the wildflowers and birds.

The Kambu Campers Family Safari Package aims to provide an unforgettable, tailor-made experience that caters to all family members. We offer a range of exciting activities, such as game drives, balloon safaris, visits to the Maasai village, or a hike along local trails with our experienced tour guides.

While we want to be as accommodating as we can, we, unfortunately, require that the youngest in the family be at least 7 years. Kids younger than 7 years have trouble sitting still for a long period of time and are easily distracted. Even those above 7 years, we strongly recommend that they are under adult supervision at all times. In our Nairobi Camp and cottages, the accessibility of the rivers poses a risk and the animals in our Mara camp are wild and unpredictable. Safety is our top priority.

We also recommend that toddlers and young kids have adult supervision while on game drives as the vehicle may be bumpy and loud for their comfort level.

Getting started with your family safari plan in the Mara;

We highly recommend that you reach out early with specifications of your child’s age and preferences. A happy and engaged kid on a safari will make everyone happy. If there are special requests including food, activities, or even car seats in the safari vehicle, let us know and we will make sure your family gets the best experience.

How much is a family safari in the Mara?

We offer a variety of packages for family safaris in the Mara. Prices range from $500 per person and up with additional costs for extra activities. The games available in our camps are accessible for free. The cost of a game drive for kids is usually cheaper than for adults but may vary depending on age. Kindly reach out and you’ll get a custom quote.

Should I go to Masai Mara Reserve or COnservancy with my kids?

The conservancies surrounding the reserves are preferable to go with kids as they are less crowded and only a limited number of vehicles are allowed inside at any given time. I personally recommend booking game drives in the conservancies which provide more intimate experiences with wildlife.

How to prepare for a family trip with a family visiting Mara; 5 key points:

  1. Understand the safety aspects that the tour operator provides to your kids during transfers from Nairobi to your tourist destination: A reliable tour operator should provide a well-trained driver and guide, as well as the necessary safety precautions.
  2. Pack wisely: When packing for your family safari, don’t forget to bring items such as anti-allergy medications, insect repellent, and sunscreen to keep everyone protected.
  3. Choose an appropriate accommodation: Booking a family-friendly accommodation can make sure that your entire family is comfortable and relaxed during their stay.
  4. Plan activities: From game drives to walking safaris, there are plenty of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy while on safari.
  5. Talk about animals: Before leaving for the trip, take time to discuss with your kids about the wildlife they will see. Educate them on how to behave around animals and let them know that the safety of both people and wildlife is of utmost importance.

How to pick the right accommodation for your family safari in the Mara;

Family Sleeping arrangements;

We recommend booking a family tent or cottage if your children are above the age of 7. These options usually provide enough space for 4 to 6 people with separate bedrooms for parents and kids.

Many camps have separate tents for families. However, since parents with younger children may not feel comfortable leaving them in their own tent, they end up sharing tents. Therefore, bigger tents that can fit the whole family are a practical choice for camps.

There are camps with family tents available, such as Kambu Mara Camp. Our family tents consist of two bedrooms, a large lounge area, and an outdoor deck.

When selecting an accommodation, make sure that there is ample entertainment for your children such as board games, toy collections, books, etc.

Child-Friendly Activities;

We understand that the Masai Mara is a vast area, and it can be difficult to keep kids occupied during game drives or walks. Therefore, we have designed activities specifically for children and teenagers such as:

• Bird watching

• Wildlife tracking

• Visit to a Maasai Village

• Nature walks

• Arts and crafts

• Fishing

We also have a wide range of books for kids of different age groups to keep them occupied during their stay.

Our Family Safari Package includes all the necessary amenities that you and your family need, including meals, airport transfers, game drives, hot air balloon safaris, and even a special program for children. Our team of experienced guides is on hand to ensure that each member of your family has the best safari experience possible in the Maasai Mara.

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