Kenya vs Tanzania Safari Guide

While we started offering safari packages focusing on the Kenyan side, we quickly expanded to also offer packages in Tanzania. This decision was driven by the demand for safari trips that span both countries’ borders and take advantage of the unique wildlife experiences available in each country. Aside from the differences between the two countries, there are several things that make safari experiences unique. For example, in Kenya you can see the Big Five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard) as well as hippos and giraffes. In Tanzania, you can find more predators such as cheetahs and wild dogs.

How to decide between Kenya and Tanzania:

Depending on what type of safari experience you are looking for, deciding between Kenya and Tanzania can be a challenging task. If you’re looking for an exciting wildlife experience that includes the opportunity to see all five of the Big Five animals, then Kenya is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more unique sightings such as cheetahs and wild dogs, then Tanzania is your best bet. Additionally, the landscapes of both countries are quite different. In Kenya, you can find wide open plains where you can often spot large herds of animals grazing, while in Tanzania you can find more mountainous regions with dense forests.


When choosing between safari experiences in Kenya and Tanzania, it is important to consider safety. In Kenya, the government has implemented strict regulations on hunting and poaching, which makes it one of the safest countries for wildlife viewing in Africa. Tanzania still struggles with poaching and illegal hunting, so visitors should take extra precautions when visiting conservation areas in Tanzania.


Another major difference between Kenya and Tanzania is the infrastructure. Kenya has better roads, airports and telecommunications networks, making it a more convenient destination for safari trips. However, Tanzania offers much more rugged terrain which can make for an exciting adventure as you explore off the beaten path.

Kenya stands out as a more prosperous nation compared to Tanzania, which reflects in its superior transportation and tourism infrastructure. With a wider range of hotels, easier foreign currency exchange, and faster, more reliable train services, Kenya takes the lead. Moreover, the roads in Kenya are also of better quality.

When planning your trip to East Africa, it’s important to consider the ease of getting to and around your destination. Both Kenya and Tanzania have good transport links, particularly in terms of airports. Kenya boasts six international airports, including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kisumu International Airport, and Eldoret International Airport. Tanzania, on the other hand, has three international airports, with Kilimanjaro International Airport being the most commonly used by tourists due to its proximity to the main national parks. Julius Nyerere International Airport serves Dar es Salaam, located on the coast. In terms of airfares, Kenya generally offers more affordable options due to the wider availability of flights, which helps drive down prices. Additionally, some visitors to Tanzania may have to transit through Nairobi in Kenya depending on their point of departure.


When comparing the Masai Mara and Serengeti national parks, there are several factors to take into account. The Serengeti National Park is nearly ten times larger than the Mara and encompasses a wider range of habitats. However, this also means that the Masai Mara has higher wildlife densities, making it a preferable choice for a safari if you have limited time. On the other hand, the Serengeti offers a more dispersed wildlife experience, which is ideal for longer safaris but less suitable if you’re on a tight schedule. Moreover, the Masai Mara is known for being more budget-friendly compared to the Serengeti and it offers the added allure of the Masai tribespeople, making it an enchanting destination for those intrigued by African culture.

Where Tz Wins:

  • When it comes to wildlife abundance, Tanzania emerges as the clear winner in safari experiences. One contributing factor is its larger land area, setting it apart from Kenya in terms of safari comparisons.
  • Tanzania takes the lead in hosting a larger portion of the Great Migration compared to Kenya. This translates to a higher probability of witnessing this awe-inspiring phenomenon throughout more months of the year, distinguishing Tanzania as the preferred safari destination.
  • Furthermore, Tanzania boasts fewer visitors than Kenya, resulting in less crowded game parks and safaris. This aspect holds even greater significance in light of the current COVID-19 protocols, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience.
  • While it is true that accommodation costs may be slightly higher for a Tanzania Safari in comparison to a Kenya Safari, the unparalleled opportunities for wildlife encounters and the unique landscapes make it a worthwhile investment.
  • During peak season, the availability of large hotels or resorts in Tanzania is limited, resulting in a high demand for lodges and camps. Safari drives in game reserves are typically conducted in closed vehicles.
  • Tanzania boasts numerous iconic natural landmarks, such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and The Great Rift Valley Escarpment. It is considered a safe destination for safari experiences.
  • When comparing Tanzania to Kenya safaris, it is worth noting that Tanzania’s national parks are larger, which may require more time for game drives to spot animals. Additionally, please ensure that you have a valid visa and a Yellow Fever certificate before visiting.

Where Kenya Wins:

  • A Kenyan Safari offers an abundance of African wildlife and showcases the awe-inspiring river crossings of the wildebeest during the great migration. In comparison to Tanzania, Kenya boasts a higher level of wealth and a more developed infrastructure, making it a prime destination for tourism.
  • With a greater selection of hotels and lodges, Kenya provides ample options for accommodation.
  • The game parks are easily accessible, and Nairobi serves as the capital and central hub for all flights. Key attractions in Kenya include Amboseli, the iconic Masai Mara with its majestic Mara River, and the scenic Lake Nakuru.
  • When it comes to accommodations, Kenya offers more affordable options than Tanzania, catering to various budgets ranging from comfortable walk-in Meru tents to luxurious African lodges.
  • Safari vehicles are typically enclosed for safety during drives. When comparing a Kenya Safari to a Tanzania Safari, it’s worth noting that national parks in Kenya are smaller, making it easier and quicker to spot animals.
  • Kenya is a secure destination for an African safari, offering a diverse range of activities including walking safaris, boat cruises, and village tours. Please keep in mind that a Visa and a Yellow Fever certificate are required for entry.