Kambu Mara Camp

Our Kambu Mara Camp is a result of our vision and commitment to creating a unique affordable tented camp for travelers right at the main entrance to Masai Mara National Reserve – at Sekenani Gate. This strategic location grants easy access to the magnificent Masai Mara Reserve and its awe-inspiring Nashulai and Naboisho conservancies. Having indulged in countless safaris in the vicinity, we were profoundly inspired to provide visitors with a haven of comfort and tranquility.

Kambu Mara Camp sits on a 50-acre parcel of land and offers a tranquil stay in one of the 8 private tents, each equipped with comfortable sleeping arrangements and fantastic views of the savannas from every angle. The tents offer occupants a cozy atmosphere that’s conducive to relaxation, with an outdoor seating area and fire pit for enjoying evenings in the bush.

The tents, kitchen, common/dining area, and bar occupy only 2 acres in the 50-acre land and for security reasons, we have fenced the 2-acre lot so as to keep wildlife away from guests. The remaining 48 acres are unfenced and are full of savannah shrubs that are home to different wildlife species including the Masai giraffe and antelopes. This provides an opportunity for guests to get even closer to nature while on a safari. We offer tailored walking safaris with great opportunities for photography and birding experiences.

The camp is professionally managed by a team of dedicated staff members with over 10 years of experience in providing high-quality hospitality services. Our staff is committed to delivering an outstanding service that our guests will remember long after their stay.

The kitchen offers a variety of fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals prepared with ingredients sourced from local and regional suppliers. Guests are welcome to dine on the terrace overlooking the Masai Mara Reserve or in the cozy common area near the bar.

The campground also features a communal kitchen, lounge, and terrace bar where you can socialize with other guests and sample some delicious meals prepared by our experienced chef.

At Kambu Mara Camp, we strive to ensure that our guests experience a safari adventure of a lifetime. With excellent hospitality services and up-close wildlife encounters, there is something for every traveler at Kambu Mara Camp!

Why Mara?

Experience the vibrant heart of the Mara, teeming with a rich diversity of wildlife. With over 95 mammal species and 470 unique birds, this extraordinary camp, located just outside Sekenani Gate, offers an unparalleled getaway. Immerse yourself in remarkable sights and create unforgettable memories at Kambu Camp.

Myriad of activities are available to make your stay even more enjoyable. Enjoy guided walking safaris, night game drives and hot air balloon rides during the day or relax in our camp and marvel at the ever-changing land from the comfort of your tent.

So if you’re looking for a truly wild African experience with all the comforts of home, book your stay at Kambu Mara Camp and experience an unforgettable adventure!

Our Kambu Mara Tents:

We offer 5 deluxe tents and 2 standard tents, all featuring comfortable sleeping arrangements as well as superb views of the Masai Mara Reserve from every angle. The Deluxe tents come with private outdoor areas where guests can relax in a hammock or enjoy a romantic evening under the stars while the Standard tents are designed for those on a budget.

The tents are thoughtfully designed with amenities such as hot water showers, top-notch bedding, and a private safe for storing valuables.

We are proud to offer our guests an affordable and enjoyable safari experience in the heart of Masai Mara Reserve! Come stay with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Activities at our Kambu Mara Camp:

Game Drives:

Our game drive offers guests an up-close look at the unique wildlife in the Masai Mara Reserve. Our experienced guides will take you on a journey of discovery as you spot and learn about creatures such as elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, and much more!

Walking Safari:

For those looking for a more immersive experience, we offer guided walking safaris that take you right into the heart of nature. Our experienced guides will show you the hidden gems of Masai Mara, such as acacia forests and riverine thickets while describing the wildlife that calls this area home.

Hot Air Balloon Safari:

Take in panoramic views and stunning landscapes during our hot air balloon safari! Our experienced pilots will take you on a 30-minute flight over the Masai Mara Reserve, giving you an opportunity to spot wildlife from above and snap some of the most beautiful photos.


On clear evenings, guests are welcome to join us for a star-gazing session where you can learn about constellations and get an up-close look at the night sky.

Cultural tours:

Explore the vibrant culture of the local Maasai people during our cultural tour. We will take you to a traditional Maasai village where you can observe their lifestyle and learn about their customs, beliefs, and traditions.

Photography safaris:

Capture Masai Mara’s wildlife and landscapes through the lens of your camera. With our experienced guides, you’ll get unrivaled access to some of the most spectacular game-viewing spots in the reserve, giving you an opportunity to take stunning photos that will last a lifetime.

Birding safaris:

The Masai Mara is home to a wide variety of bird species, making it an ideal spot for bird watching. Our experienced guides will take you on a tour through the reserve, pointing out the local birds while teaching you about their behavior and habitats.

Location of Kambu Camp in the Mara:

Kambu Mara Camp is situated next to Naboisho Conservancy, the second-largest conservancy in the Mara with the highest concentration of wild animals. Covering an expansive area of 145 square kilometers, the conservancy boasts just nine safari camps and lodges.

Kambu Mara Camp is located about 8 Km from Sekenani Gate, the main gate to Masai Mara Reserve and it’s accessible by a public motorable road. We are also conveniently located close to Siana Airstrip for fly-in clients.

Kambu Mara Camp is conveniently located just 89.2 kilometers away from Narok town according to Google Maps, and a mere 230 kilometers from Nairobi. For those seeking a swift journey, consider taking a flight that will transport you there in a mere fifty minutes!

Our Involvement with the Maa Community:

Kambu Camp is passionate about giving back to the local Maa community. We are actively involved in a number of community projects and are helping to sustainably develop nearby conservancies – Nashulai and Naboisho Conservancies. We also support local employment opportunities by continuously training and employing Maa staff members.

We are proud to be part of the greater Mara ecosystem and to contribute to the conservation efforts in the area.

At Kambu Camp, we strive for sustainability in every way possible. We have invested in solar panels for electricity, water treatment systems, and on-site waste management facilities to ensure that our camp is eco-friendly and has minimal impact on its surroundings. We also provide our guests with eco-friendly amenities such as reusable water bottles, organic bathroom products, and biodegradable toiletries.

We believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment and wildlife of Masai Mara Reserve for future generations. We are committed to making Kambu Camp an example of sustainable tourism for Africa. We invite you to come stay with us and experience the beauty of Masai Mara first-hand!

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How much are Kambu Tented Camps?

Kambu Tented Camps is a budget-friendly option for travelers looking to experience the Maasai Mara. We offer different packages from full-board options that include meals and safari activities, to camping facilities with basic amenities.

What kind of amenities do Kambu Tented Camps provide?

We provide a full range of amenities, from tents with beds and mattresses, bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets, a lounge area, game drives and more. Our camp is also located close to the Sekenani Gate of the Maasai Mara Reserve which makes it easy to access the reserve itself.

What types of safari activities are available at Kambu Tented Camps?

We offer a range of safari activities for our guests, including game drives in the Mara Reserve, evening guided walks, hot air balloon safaris, birding safaris and photography safaris. All these activities are led by our experienced guides who will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Is there a swimming pool at Kambu Tented Camps?

Yes, we have a swimming pool at our camp which is available to all our guests. The pool is located near the main lodge and offers stunning views of the surrounding bush.

Is there Wi-Fi available at Kambu Tented Camps?

Yes, we provide complimentary Wi-Fi for all our guests. The connection speed may vary depending on the number of people using it at any given time.

What type of food do you serve?

We serve a variety of cuisines, from traditional African dishes to more Western-style options. Our chefs use fresh local ingredients to create delicious meals for our guests. We also cater to dietary restrictions, so please let us know in advance if you have any special requirements.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer a variety of discounts and packages that can help make your stay even more affordable. Please contact us directly for more information.

Can I book activities or safaris before my stay?

Yes, you can book activities and safaris in advance through our website. This will ensure that your experience is customized to your needs and that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing opportunities the Maasai Mara Reserve has to offer.

Is there a shop at Kambu Tented Camps?

Yes, we have a small shop at the camp where you can purchase souvenirs and other items. We also accept major credit cards for payment.

Do you provide airport transfers?

Yes, we offer complimentary airport transfers to our guests. Please contact us in advance with your flight details so that we can arrange a pick-up. When you rent our safari vehicles – either guided safari vans or self-drive safari vehicles, we will meet you at the airport and get you sorted with you before the start of drive to Mara.

Can I do a 1-day safari to Mara from Nairobi?

Yes, we do offer 1-day safaris from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara. This includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or residence in Nairobi and a full day of game drives in the Mara. We recommend booking this tour in advance to ensure availability.

Does Kambu Mara Camp offer 3-day safari packages in the Mara?

Yes, we do offer 3-day packages that include game drives, guided walks and other activities. Our experienced guides will help you explore the Mara Reserve and get up close to its amazing wildlife. We also provide meals, accommodation and transport throughout your stay. Please contact us for more information on our 3-day safari packages. You can get more details about our 3-day Mara Safari packages here. You can also read about 2-day safari options in Kenya here.

What is the best time to visit Mara?

The best time to visit the Maasai Mara is during the dry season, which usually runs from July to October. This is when there is less rainfall and the grasses are low, making it easier to spot wildlife in the reserve. During this period, most animals congregate on water sources and make for great game viewing.

For those who prefer taking a trip to the Mara during peak season from July and October, I wholeheartedly agree; however, if you’re passionate about bird watching then November through March is ideal. During this time frame, hundreds of bird species migrate from Europe in order to flee the harsh winter weather – making it an optimal window for birders!