Vintage Wedding Car for Hire Nairobi

If you are looking for a vintage car to hire for a special occasion in Kenya, the Volkswagen Kombi (1972 model), owned by Kambu Camper is an excellent choice. This luxurious car is sure to make a statement at your wedding or any other special event.

What is a vintage car?

A vintage car is defined as a vehicle that has been manufactured 25 or more years ago. The Volkswagen Kombi (1972 model) meets this criterion and was used for many decades in Kenya before being retired in the early 2000s.

Among the selection of top vintage cars to pick in the Kenyan market for special events such as weddings, the Volkswagen and Rolls Royce models are great choices. They have a sleek exterior, with iconic shape that is sure to turn heads and attract attention wherever it goes. This car was designed for comfort, offering plenty of legroom and headspace, as well as being spacious enough to fit four people in the back.

We also have a fleet of self-drive vehicles and car-hire vehicles that come with driver.

Why choose a vintage car to hire for your wedding in Kenya?

Makes your wedding more memorable and unique:

Those photos you’ll take of your wedding in this classic car will be unforgettable. It will also add a touch of nostalgia to the event, as well as a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t be matched by other vehicles.

It adds an elegant and stylish look:

The Volkswagen Kombi (1972 model) provides an air of elegance and sophistication that is sure to set your wedding apart from the rest. Riding around in this classic car will make you feel like royalty for a day, making it an unforgettable experience.

The timeless aesthetic:

The VW model is sure to create a classic and timeless aesthetic that will be remembered forever. You can rest assured that your wedding photos will look as good in 50 years’ time as they do today.

Types of Vintage Classic Cars in Kenya:

Rolls Royce: is the only website where you can find classic vintage Rolls Royce Vehicles from as far back as 1934.

They even have the very-old models that look like carriages with a canvas roof and wooden paneling on the side exteriors. See the image below;

The purple color strip in the classic vehicle below makes it even more suitable for weddings.

Here is another one – red in color;

The websit has indicated that it has the following classic vehicle models avaialble for people to rent for special occasions such as weddings;

  • 1934 Rolls Royce Boat Tail,
  • 1930 Ford Lily Vintage,
  • 1936 Rolls Royce Sedanca De Ville,
  • 1934 Bently Vintage,
  • 1937 Dodge Sedan,
  • 1928 Ford C1010, 1932 Chevloret,
  • 1928 Ford Tudor,
  • 1930 Ford Model,
  • 1930 Cavannah Ford,
  • 1928 4 Cylinder Chevloret,
  • 1932 Ford Model B Blue Pickup,
  • 1930 Ford V8 safari wagon,
  • 1928 International,
  • 1966 Tour Jeep,
  • 1930 Hotch Kiss,
  • 1930 Green Pickup.

If you want to go with newer models of Rolls Royce, Make an entrance everyone will remember when you roll up in a 2015 Rolls Royce Phantom. This striking black car with cream light interior can be yours for the day at the luxe price of only Kes 150,000 for 12 hours. Whether it’s your wedding day or you’re trying to win over some clients, this is the rental car that will make sure you get noticed.

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For those looking for a vintage car, the Volkswagen Kombi (1972 model) is sure to please. Hire this classic car for your special day at only Kes 50,000 and get ready to wow everyone you meet. With its iconic shape and sleek interior, you are sure to have an unforgettable wedding day when riding in this timeless beauty.

Book your VW Kombi here.

Where to Get Classic Cars in Kenya to Hire:


Kambu Camper is the leading provider of vintage cars and classic car rentals in Kenya. They offer a variety of models, including the Volkswagen Kombi (1972 model). This luxurious car is sure to make your special day truly memorable. Book your vehicle online here.

In Person:

If you’d like to view a vintage car in person before renting it, you can visit the Kambu Camper showroom located in Redhill, just outside of Nairobi. Here, you can find out more information about the model and get firsthand experience of what it’s like to be behind the wheel.

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