Interactive Campsite Map

Camping is a great way to experience Kenya’s natural wonders. Our database of over 200 campsites in Kenya makes finding the perfect stops for your trip easy. We’re always adding new sites and updating information about roads, prices, and amenities. Reach out to us if you know of others we should add!

You can also see the campsite finder map on Google Maps here.

A campsite is a designated area within a park or on private land for people to pitch a tent, park a campervan/motorhome, or camp in their car. Commercial private campsites that you pay to camp usually have amenities such as fire pits and picnic tables, as well as access to restrooms and showers.

Just a reminder– campsites aren’t glamping sites! Glamping is a hybrid of camping and luxury living, where you can access the same amenities as a hotel but in an outdoor setting. Campsites, on the other hand, typically offer basic amenities such as toilets, shower facilities, and fire pits. If you’re interested to learn about glamping in Kenya, read this piece.

Types of Campsites in Kenya

Campsites can be run by Kenya Wildlife Service, conservancies, or private organizations.

Public campgrounds are located within the National Parks and Reserves. Most of them have basic amenities such as showers and toilets. If you are a Kenyan citizen or a resident, the fee to access these public campgrounds to pitch your own tent is $2. If you are using our campervan or using your own motorhome/RV, you can still pay $2 as a citizen. Non-residents pay $20 per day.

Both give you access to breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

Public and Private Campsites

Public campsites are located inside Parks and Reserves and are operated by Kenya Wildlife Services(KWS). Most of them are not well maintained but can have basic amenities such as toilets and running water but may not have hot showers.
  1. Low cost
  2. No advance booking required
  3. Basic menities
  4. Less privacy
Private campsites are divided into two. There are private campsites located inside conservancies(applicable to Masai Mara) and are considerably more expensive. Details on private campgrounds outside Parks are in the next section. Conservatives' private campsites offer 'professional camping services' which can include campsite setup in remote locations and are organized by hotels. They send staff before your arrival to set up temporary structures including toilets and require a deposit of up to $500.
  1. Requires advance booking (and booking fee)
  2. More luxurious
  3. Expensive
  4. More privacy

There are a few conservancies in Kenya that manage their own campsites within the borders of National Parks and Reserves. The fees for these are slightly higher than KWS public campgrounds and you can pre-book online.

Private campgrounds are typically located just outside the boundaries of the National Parks and in different conservancies.

They tend to offer more luxurious amenities such as electricity, hot showers, and swimming pools. The prices are also higher than public campgrounds and can range from $10 -$50 per night.

Kenya Private Campgrounds Pros and Cons

  1. Access to luxury amenities
  2. Pre-booking available
  1. Can be expensive
  2. May not be located right at the gates of key Parks and Reserves