10 Reasons to Book Your Safari with Kambu Campers

Communication is key in any relationship and we thought we could spell out all the reasons we stand out from other tour operators in Kenya.

We have compiled a list of 10 compelling reasons why you should choose us for your safari in Kenya. If you want to maximize your safari experience, here are the 10 reasons to book with us. Pay attention to #8 and #9.

#1. Exhaustive game drives:

Our package does not include a short game drive around Narok County’s National Reserve, which has grazing animals and only a few of the Big 5 that are famous in Masai Mara. Most packages offer this option and as a visitor, you may not know. Instead, we offer game drives that begin at 6 am and cover different areas of the vast Mara ecosystem, from the Southern Sekenani Gate through the Mara River passing by the Kenya-Tanzania border post all the way to the Mara Triangle in the North. This region is known for its renowned Marsh Pride lions, which have been featured on BBC and PBS. In the Northern part, you are more likely to encounter Big cats. In contrast, the Southern region offers vast savanna grasslands with a plethora of non-predatory animals. Our knowledgeable drivers and Mara Reserve guides will ensure a memorable game-viewing experience for you.

#2. Reliable 4×4 land cruiser or 4WD Safari vans:

We offer comfortable and reliable 4×4 land cruisers or 4WD safari vans for your safari. Our vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure they are in good condition. We also have pop tops on our cars so that you can sit up higher in the jeep and get a better view of the wildlife.

#3. Affordable Budget Accommodation:

Our package is tailored for budget travelers who are looking for reasonable and affordable accommodation options within Mara Ecosystem. Since we own and operate a camp located just 2.4 km from the gate and directly adjacent to the Reserve, we are able to offer unbeatable accommodation rates. Sarova Stanley tented camp located just a mile away from our camp charges over 5 times our daily rates. Read more about our affordable tour packages, combined with self-drive transport options and both car and tent camping.

#4. Private tours:

Although our packages are competitively priced compared to other local tour operators, we specialize in private tours. This means that you will have your own vehicle and designated guide-driver throughout the journey. We do not mix different groups of people, which is a common practice in most budget safari packages to Mara. Unless you book a group safari, you will always be in your own private vehicle. Group tours are cheaper but we also have super affordable packages.

#5. The perfect balance of wildlife and cultural experiences:

Your safari to Masai Mara will not only be about game drives and spotting lions in the wild. We also provide an opportunity to visit local villages for a unique cultural experience. Our driver-guides will take you on a walking tour around traditional Maasai Bomas where you can learn about their culture, traditions, dance, language, dressing, and much more. One tip about Masais before you visit – they really like wearing red. Read why they prefer red here.

#6. Passionate team:

We have a dedicated team of local professionals who are passionate about the Mara and its wildlife. Our driver guides are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional; always at your service to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We also have management personnel and other staff members who will ensure that everything runs smoothly for you during your stay in Kambu Camp.

#7. A platform for giving back:

Giving back is part of our core values. We have tied up with local organizations to support and rehabilitate vulnerable communities in the Mara area – Specifically the community around Sekenani Gate. Some of our initiatives include sponsoring education programs, donating medical supplies, and helping preserve wildlife by supporting research projects. While we are just getting started with our engagements here, we have engaged a local church and already participated in tree planting exercise by donating trees planted along the seasonal river that passes Sekenani town. As soon as our Mara Kambu Camp is up and running, we’ll dedicate more effort to make a positive impact in the community. Your decision to book your safari with us will go a long way in supporting us to do just this.

#8. More than animal viewing:

Our guides are trained and have gone out of our way to hire fluent English speakers who have trained as animal experts before enrolling as tour guides. When we developed our plan to have our packages stand out from the many available online, we wanted to make sure our clients get more than animal viewing. We strive to give you a complete Mara experience and this includes providing interesting historical facts, wildlife data, and general information regarding the Mara Ecosystem while on your safari. For example, if you are viewing the Marsh Pride of Lions, our guide will tell you all about the Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride. During the drive/activity, your guide will lead you to discuss thought-provoking questions about different wild animals including “Is a zebra black or white?” in order to stimulate conversation. This will be part of the overall engagement. Answer; Zebras are actually black. Read more here and here. We provide the best safari expeditions by consistently investing in our guides. Through continuous training offered by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA), we ensure that our guides undergo refresher courses on various topics such as reptiles.

#9. Extra Insurance Cover:

All our packages come with an emergency evacuation insurance cover provided by AMREF Flying Doctors – an air ambulance service. In case any medical emergency arises during your safari, the AMREF Flying Doctors will fly you to a Nairobi hospital for further treatment. This is an additional service we provide at no extra cost and it gives our clients peace of mind while on their adventure. Learn more about the air evacuation service by Flying Doctors (https://flydoc.org). Please note that the Air Evacuation cover by Flying Doctors is additional coverage, and it is not a substitute for your own travel insurance coverage from your country of origin. If you plan to rent our vehicles, you must have your own travel insurance, and the Air Evacuation cover is just an add-on.

#10. Airtight Safety Protocols:

Safety is our number one priority, and we have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of our safari guests. All vehicles are regularly serviced and checked for any signs of malfunctioning or damage. Our drivers and guides are tested for Covid-19 before they start their shifts. They are equipped with sanitizers, face masks and gloves. We do not overcrowd our vehicles and all the safari tours are organized in small groups of up to 6 people for social distancing.

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