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About Kambu Campers

Kambu Campers is a Kenyan tour operator offering budget safari packages that combine camping and self-drive transport options to make your safari affordable and unforgettable.

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through Kenya’s untamed wilderness with our comprehensive camping safari packages. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of a traditional tent or the convenience of a campervan as you delve into the wild side of this captivating country. For those seeking a touch of luxury, indulge in a splendid glamping experience at some of our highly recommended lodges. Discover the beauty of Kenya like never before!

As the first and only company offering campervans for hire in Kenya, we have worked hard to figure out how to make your safari as enjoyable as possible. We have mapped out over 200 campsites in Kenya where you can stay and rest, allowing you to explore as much of the country as you wish. Our top-notch safari vehicles are perfect for your next African adventure!

Consider beginning your trip at our Nairobi cottage, and explore the Mara from our Maasai Mara campground.

What We Offer

Make the most of your trip by renting a campervan, staying at our camps, or using our trip-planning tools

Campervan Rental

Our 4WD campervan “Cheyat” can take you anywhere from city streets to open savannahs and sparkling lakes, rivers, and beaches. A self-drive camping safari lets you venture off the beaten path for a unique and personalized experience. We provide comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance through partners across the country. You can also opt for car hire with a driver on your Kenya visit.

Camps in Nairobi, Masai Mara, and Suswa

Our Nairobi, Masai Mara, and Suswa camps are the perfect places to begin your journey or rest at the end of an adventure-filled day. You can park a campervan, pitch your own tent, or relax in a luxury tent or cottage.

Trip Planning

Our database of over 200 campsites in Kenya makes finding the perfect stops for your trip easy. Check back soon for all-inclusive tour packages that take the guesswork out of planning! You can start with the overview of budget camping safaris here.

Our Campsite Finder

Read about a camping safari in Kenya to learn why you should consider one. Here are the 17 benefits of camping to give you the motivation you may need. Into wild camping? Read our guide on wild camping here too. Like camping but not tent camping? Our campervan is your solution.